Quick sketch


Hi everyone!

Today Violet was very busy and almost no time for sketch ! But as she had promised to me to sketch everyday, she made a quick sketch of her little garden bay leave and strawberry!(=^ェ^=)


27 responses to “Quick sketch

  1. Very beautiful Violet – lovely “quick sketches” – you should do more like this, they are good enough to eat 🙂 I hope that leaf wasn’t nibbled by you, Malus 🙂 xx

  2. Nice strawberry and leaves!!!!

  3. Love the leaves, would like see more sketches like these…take care.

  4. Nice strawberry leaves, Violet! xx

  5. Beautiful! The leaves look real!

  6. Beautiful paintings, as ever, Violet- I adore the layout of the leaves in the second picture. You’ve captured the shadows perfectly.

  7. I declare I could pick those leaves off the page there Violet !
    Super Lovely

  8. Love how the leaves are rising up from the page as Poppytump said. So clever!

  9. Very lovely.

  10. Any sketch, drawing or painting you do, quick or long, is beautiful and brightens up someone’s day! Thanks for sharing the beauty you see in the world with the gift that you have!

    • Ah, thank you so much for such a kind, lovely comment! I really appreciate and so glad if my sketches make someone happy❤
      Lots f thanks❤❤❤

  11. Super lovely.

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