Hi everyone!

Today  was a cloudy , cold day!  strange weather this year as Violet is saying!!! Yesterday ,it was warm and nice ,today again need heater!!!

By the way , I would like to introduce you my lovely heater(=^ェ^=)


Violet’s computer!!! Ah , I love that waaaarrrm breeze from back side of computer! specially     In winter it works as stove for me!!!

“Malus ,how about my sketch? Any explanation ????”

“ok, ok ! Here is today’s Violet sketch.  Carnation .”


17 responses to “Carnation

  1. I love seeing your watercolours. They are something I look forward to every day.

    Oh… and the kitty is lovely too. 😀

  2. So simple yet so alive.

  3. I agree with masqua! I love your watercolors and this one is just superb! And my cat likes my computer vent too. He even sits on the keyboard sometimes! Silly cats! 😉

  4. Beautiful carnation, Violet!

  5. gorgeous colour Violet 🙂 my cat has the same heater Malus ! and he also sits on the keyboard and presses all the keys 🙂 xx

  6. Violet this is stunning! Your best yet? Certainly my favourite!

  7. Hey you two, I agree- (as I sit shivering in my studio) where is spring? The carnation is a great splash of color on this gray day, thanks!

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