Old painting!


Hi everyone!

Today Violet was very busy !   Violet and her daughter went out for shopping from morning and  coming back in the evening! She looks busy for preparing dinner and talking to herself ,”ah, no time for   today’s sketch ! ”

So she didn’t sketch for today but she chose her old painting photo !  She drew this painting when she was university student . At that time she used to do oil paintings .

Her oil paintings are decorated in her parents home now and she took this photo last summer when she visited there(=^ェ^=)


Dont be lazy Violet! You should sketch for tomorrow!!!


14 responses to “Old painting!

  1. Ah, Violet, that is a very nice oil painting!

    • Thank you so much dear Marina! It’s long time I didn’t use oil color for painting . It take time to complete one , as you know too . That is one the reason I’ve chosen water color now(^_^)

  2. Beautiful oil painting, Violet, a LOT of hard work there. “Don’t be lazy” says Malus – with his head on a comfy pillow ! – very funny 🙂 a typical cat ! xx

    • Thank you so much Victoria❤
      I took his lazy style !!!! photo when I was asking him to play but he just made that pose on top of his tower!!! We are both lazy I think !!!!!!(^。^)

  3. What a nice seascape painting, Violet!

  4. Stunning! I could gaze at it for hours! 🙂

  5. It’s wonderful Violet, it looks like a pirate ship to me…

  6. That cat is your biggest critic!

  7. This is really a nice painting Violet. I really like your artistic style. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

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