Hi everyone !

Today’s Violet sketch is another memory in Italy , Venice ❤ she loves this beautiful place and wish to go to visit there again(=^ェ^=)

by the way , today we  had sunshine here*\(=^ェ^=)/*

I could enjoy sunshine after 2 days! How lovely to sit in my warm basket and enjoy sunshine !


Violet ,what is this photo ? why every time you choose strange angle to take my photo???

“Sorry Maluse! 😃 Just wanted to show how you are enjoying sunshine!!!!😁”

16 responses to “Venice

  1. very beautiful painting Violet, really captures the atmosphere ! Malus, you look beautiful from all angles – enjoy the sunshine 🙂 xx

  2. Thank you so much Victoria❤ I appreciate ❤
    Malus fully enjoyed today and seems happy now❤😃

  3. Such a beautiful picture, Violet! It reminds me of all similar windows and flowers I saw in Rome. 🙂 Enjoy the sunshine, Malus!!

    • Thank you so ,ugh Calee for your sweet comment😃❤
      Malus is enjoying sun , laying under sunshine and fully enjoy from spring warm days😃

  4. Ah, those wonderful balconies…

  5. Balcony brimming flowers ! Lovely painting Violet !
    Malus is asserting himself in his thoughts Lol … you never know he might harbour ideas of his very own blog 😀

  6. Very pretty little window scene and flowers! Shhh…we won’t tell Maluse. It’ll be our little secret…(-:

    We enjoyed a day of sunshine here as well.

  7. Excellent images-both!

  8. I like the way each window is different! Such a lovely flower box, too.
    Beautiful! 🙂

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