A rainy day!


Hi everyone!

Today was raining whole day . Violet  found this photo in her album . a memory of many years ago. A rainy day in London ❤

By the way, today is one year anniversary of Violet’ s blog(=^ェ^=)

she has started this blog as one of her friends suggested to do it . That is a good way to draw everyday and violet is  happy to start this blog❤

” Thank you so much everyone for following my blog , visiting everyday ❤❤❤  thank you so much for your kind comments . You all always make me happy and I  really appreciate and glad to have you all here😃❤❤❤ ”


46 responses to “A rainy day!

  1. That is a magnificent painting Violet. Well done

  2. Very well done, Violet [very familiar image!]
    🙂 xxxx

  3. I begin to envy the cat for being able to witness the painting,,, 🙂

  4. I love how the reflection and the wet floor is done.

    Happy one year anniversary!

  5. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! Keep on blogging!
    I am enduring a rainy day too.

  6. Happy Anniversary for you and your Beautiful Blog Violet.
    It’s lovely seeing your daily sketches from memories of your world travels with Malus adding his thoughts too 😉
    You’ve made London look very pretty in the rain !

    • Ah , thank you so much dear Poppy for such a kind comment! ❤
      I always appreciate your visiting and your comments always make me happy😃
      I’m so glad to have you here❤😃

  7. beautiful painting Violet, you have so captured Englands “rain-iness” ! and Wow, Congratulations, I can’t believe a year has gone by, and I am constantly amazed that you post such beautiful pieces, every day – so impressive ! your blog really lights up my day, (even more with Malus too) Thankyou ! 🙂 xx

    • Ah, thank you soooo much dear Victoria! You always make me happy and I really appreciate your visiting everyday 😃
      You dear freinds make my day too by your visiting ❤
      Lots of thanks❤

  8. -good evening;-)the beautiful;-)

  9. Happy Anniversary, Violet!

  10. Congratulation on your 1 year of Violets blog!!!

  11. Gorgeous picture even if it is a rainy one. You are a wonderful detailist. Thank you

    • Ah, thank you too Beatrix for your kind comment! I always appreciate your visiting and your comments always make me happy😃
      Thank you ❤xxx

  12. Happy anniversary, Violetski! Thank you for coming to London today! Even though we finally saw some sunshine today, you’ve managedto convey just what London is all about for me.

    • Ah, Thank you sooooo much killkaties !
      I always appreciate your visiting and kind comments😃
      I’m happy you have sunshine today and I’m sure sunshine makes this beautiful city more and more❤
      I’d visited there many years ago and really wish to visit there again !

  13. Wonderful painting! Happy blog anniversary Violet!

  14. Wow! Amazing job with the watery reflection! Also, congrats on your blog!

  15. Outstanding! A beautiful way to mark your anniversary. Congratulations : )

  16. lazysecretive

    Congratulations! I’m happy to be following such an amazing artist!

  17. Violet, this is amazing. I couldn’t be more impressed!
    Congrats on your blogaversary! 🙂

  18. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!
    Lovely sketch, especially like how you captured the reflections of the lamps on the wet pavement. :)❤

  19. Beautiful sketch, Violet!
    And, congratulations on your blog anniversary! 🙂

  20. I love this! The reflections are amazing!
    Happy one year blogging anniversary!

  21. I really really love this one Violet, you captured the wet ground perfectly.

  22. Hi Violet. I really like this painting of rainy London! You did a great job!

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