Hi everyone!

Today was a cold ,cloudy day again! I  wonder where spring is . I missed to lay down under the warm sunshine ! tomorrow will be a rainy day, again!

so what could be better than a fluffy warm bed?(=^ェ^=)

Ah, Violet is claming that I didn’t explain her today’s sketch! ok, here is  her today’s sketch:  Paris , Barbizon Grande Rue❤


16 responses to “Paris

  1. very intricate drawing Violet, I love Paris and you bring it alive (I like your word “clamping” Malus, I’ve not heard it before but I knew what you meant and it makes me smile, thankyou :-)) xx

    • Thank you so much dear Victoria for your kind words. I really appreciate ❤
      I love this beautiful city and have a good memories there 😃
      I’m glad you like it too❤
      Ah , about “clamping!!!!!” My miss typing !!!! I ‘ve changed it and updated it !
      Thank you for reminding me!!! ❤❤❤

  2. Lovely, Violet. Seems like flowers fell from your sketch on to Malus’ bed!!

  3. Lovely, Violet! 🙂

  4. Nothing better than a warm fluffy bed 😉 except maybe a nice spring day in Paris!! 🙂

  5. Pretty Paris doorways Violet !
    Malus does look very contented …. and not in any hurry to venture outside 🙂

  6. You’re obviously a big fan of Pais, which is good because i’m a big fan of you Paris pictures!

    • Ah, thank you sooo much dear killkaties for such a lovely comment!
      Actually I have many good memories there 😃 so it made me a big fan of the city!

  7. Beautiful work violet – love your Paris doorways. Soon enough you’ll be enjoying the wonderful warmth of Spring!!

  8. Those doors have so much character, and moreso with the flowers and foliage. Lovely!

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