Hi everyone!

Today was a cold , cloudy day. Violet thought it’s better to sketch a sunny day with blue sky for refreshing (=^ェ^=)

So here is Violet today’s sketch:  Blue Sky Paris


18 responses to “Paris

  1. This is lovely, Violet! 🙂

  2. Maybe today will be nicer!

  3. Violet looking very nice love this one, but mind you it did not work here.. still freezing I think we need to paint a nice stove, fire to warm up.. Is it every going to change? I think we are in an Ice age.

    • Thank you so much Doron! I’m glad you like it❤
      Ah, it’s not working here too!!!
      It’s spring on calendar , winter outside and summer in my sketch!!!! 😃

  4. a much needed blue sky ! thankyou for cheering me up,Violet 🙂 lovely pose Malus, Happy Easter to you both xx

  5. davidturner1986

    We have had blue skies today in England, at last!

    Great painting 🙂

  6. Yes sunny is good especially after a long gloomy, rainy winter. Love it!

  7. Malus, keep telling you human friend Violetski just how well her sketches convey a sense of place!

  8. Sounds good to me! Hope it brought some warmth. 🙂

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