Today was a warm day and I could enjoy to laying under sunshine , taking nap …. This is spring !

Also Violet was busy with her plants, roses, herbs…. and I heard her saying: this is spring!

She started to sketch hyacinth that beautifully has bloomed in her balcony !

So here is today’s sketch: Hyacinth ,another sign for spring❤


17 responses to “Hyacinth

  1. Beautiful Violet, i can almost smell the perfume from the hyacinth, xx

  2. Beautiful, Violet!

  3. Hyacinths smell so nice!! You seem to enjoy the spring sun as well, Malus! Hugs & Happy Easter you two 😀

  4. Malus you look so content, are you smelling Violet’s lovely Hyacinth?

  5. So beautiful, I can smell its sweet scent.

  6. I always love your paintings of fresh flowers!

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  8. Beautiful and spring-like! 🙂

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