One day delay!!!


Hi everyone!

Yesterday , Violet had guests and she couldn’t post her painting at all!!(=^ェ^=)

Here is her today’s painting: tulips for all of you ❤(=^ェ^=)❤

(Colored pencil)


33 responses to “One day delay!!!

  1. missed you yesterday Malus 🙂 gorgeous drawing Violet, tulips are my very favourite flowers ! xx

  2. Love them; so bright, happy and colorful.

  3. Oh my goodness! I wish I could paint flowers as good as you! 🙂 Those tulips are amazing!

  4. Beautiful tulips, Violet. One of my favorite flowers of the spring, yet I don’t have the pleasure of seeing them that often….Great job! 🙂

  5. Lovely, Violet!!!
    🙂 xx

  6. I love that your cat is speaking for you!! Love these tulips! Great choice of red!

  7. Flowers and flowers and flowers// I just love your artwork. ^-^

  8. I love my bouquet! Wonderful feel to spring – beautiful painting Violet.

  9. I like how you handled the folding over of the leaves and the bend to the stems in this.

  10. Lovely tulips!! And nice Malus portrait as well! 😀

  11. It often the case that life impinges on our creative output and the sharing of said output. I know from personal experience. I started preparing about a week to ten days of blogs for just such a reason. It seems easier for me that way. Love the tulips!

  12. Wow! These are gorgeous!

  13. I missed your blog yesterday but you’ve more than made up for it with those beautiful tulips.

  14. Beautiful tulips! Ours are just making their appearance out of the ground.

  15. Ah, beautiful tulips. They are a sign of the spring that hasn’t arrived in NYC yet!

  16. Beautiful Tulips indeed. Made my day. 🙂

  17. SO nice 🙂

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