Lübeck, Germany


Hi everyone!

Today’s Violet sketch is another memory in Lübeck(=^ェ^=)

Today was cold and rainy here and I just preferred to sleep on my warm pillow!


20 responses to “Lübeck, Germany

  1. A beautiful view. Hope Maltus had a good sleep. It is cold and windy here too. Best,Rlte

  2. lovely painting,Violet 🙂 keep warm, Malus 🙂 xx

  3. A lovely memory that one is. I wish I could draw and paint like you do….

  4. Beautiful colors, Violet!!!

  5. I just love the beautiful depth and variation on the foliage in the background- it just keeps on dragging me acroos the lake!

  6. Love the beautiful peaceful scene and your relax cat. Had to search for you as I missed seeing your work that I look forward dailly and which always give me joy.. Anyhow I managed to find you again.

  7. Lovely and peaceful… great reflections!

  8. Lovely painting, it offer a nice peaceful scene to get lost in. Very nice Violet!!

  9. Beautiful, Violet!

  10. Love this! Has a very lovely painterly quality. And serenity.

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