Hi everyone!

As you know , Violet loves flowers and every time she decorates some at home!

Today she bought bunch of narcissuses( daffodil) and before decorating , quick sketch of them!

Ah, I think it’s really spring! (=^ェ^=)



21 responses to “Narcissus

  1. You’ve used such a pretty shade of green in this picture! Love it!

  2. Beautiful daffodils, Violet!

  3. A very beautiful gift to us all. Well done. Rlte

  4. If there is a true harbinger of spring, this is it.

  5. Beautiful! Those would make a room feel like spring!

  6. A simple yet pleasant artwork! Great job! Wish I could be as artistic as you. Hihi!

    -Nina ❤

  7. Love this. I too love flowers, and bought a 6-pack of primroses yesterday. Coreopsis

  8. No daffodils to be seen here yet so your beautiful picture acts as a consolation.

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