Hi everyone !

Today was a sunny , warm day and I enjoyed to sit under sunshine !

Violet chose a photo of her album  for today’s sketch(=^ェ^=) photo of Japan ,Kyoto city❤

wish you all a beautiful, sunny day too(=^ェ^=)



16 responses to “Japan

  1. This sketch has some very special qualities, I’m very fond of!
    Beautifully done, Violet!

  2. very atmospheric Violet, gorgeous 🙂 you are very lucky Malus, its cold and snow here in uk – enjoy the sun 🙂 xx

    • Thank you so much Victoria! I really appreciate ❤❤❤
      Recently we have warm sunshine😃 But cold at night again!
      Wish beautiful spring comes to uk soon ❤

  3. I love that it is a little dreamy. It really gets the emotions of your visit more than just mere physical details. Nice!

  4. This looks sad to me, but it is well done as you always do. Try it in warmer tones too.

  5. The shadows of the houses really make that picture something special. Beautiful picture, lovely cat.

  6. A quaint and lovely scene.

  7. One of my favourite cities!! Hugs to Malus & Violet 😀

  8. Very nice, Violet!

  9. Well done! Very oriental looking with the blend of ink and colors!

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