Sunny Day!


Today was a sunny,warm day! Violet’s little garden plants are  turning  to green ,day by day . This is today’s sky and plant from her balcony(=^ェ^=)

I was so happy and relaxed today! Almost slept  under sunshine in balcony (=^ェ^=) what would be better than sunshine and a place  for sleeping (=^ェ^=)


13 responses to “Sunny Day!

  1. wonderful kitty and beautiful little painting! xo

  2. Lots of thanks Linda❤ you always make me happy😃❤

  3. Great pose Malus 🙂 and beautiful painting Violet, you are lucky to have sunshine, well captured 🙂 victoria xx

  4. Lovely, Violet… and one of my kitties looks very much like you, Malus!

  5. Beautiful painting!!!!

  6. Lovely, Violet!!!

  7. What a beautiful planter!

  8. I love the bluey purply shades.

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