One month ago, Violet bought this strawberry plant and today I found those shining ,reeeed strawberries ! Just wanted to smell it but violet  : Malluuuuus ,Don’t eat them! They are not yours!

I don’t understand !Do  cats eat strwaberry!!!!!?????


20 responses to “Strawberry

  1. gorgeous painting Violet – those strawberries look so juicy already ! and painting Malus sniffing them – such detail 🙂 smell but don’t eat them Malus ! 🙂 xx

    • Thank you soooo much Victoria for your lovely comment! I really appreciate 😃❤
      I took them already and honestly they were really sweeeeeeet! 😃❤

  2. Lovely. What a good idea to include your beautiful cat in your drawings!

  3. So, so pretty!

  4. Lovely sketch, Violet! …and lovely strawberry nose!!!

  5. Fantastic! This really made me smile. My cats like to eat lemon drizzle cake so who knows, Malus?

  6. My Ruby dog likes strawberries, banana and orange so maybe Malus does like them. Such a sweet sketch!

  7. Another tender and beautiful painting. Maltus is precious. Rlte

  8. Why not! I had a dog that ate tomatoes.
    Lovely sketch!

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  10. Very lovely.

  11. I was wondering whether that was Malus with a shocked look as one kerplonked off the plant lolol
    Lovely spot on painting Violet- right down to his ears laying back as he smells the strawberries …

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