Orange Roses


Today, Violet bought those orange color roses and sketched them by colored pencil. Of course I

Wanted to smell them and sat on Violet’s note several times!!!! You can imagine what was her reaction!!! (=^ェ^=)
Gooood smeeeelll…….

18 responses to “Orange Roses

  1. Mmmmm, Malus is enjoying the scent!!

  2. These are lovely! Amazing detail, too. I find coloured pencils take such patience.

  3. I bet they smell sweet!
    Love the kitty too!

  4. Stunning! The detail on the leafs and stems are great! Well done!

  5. Malus, you’re distracting me from violetski’s lovely picture- stop being so cute!

  6. I can smell them up to here.. they are great!

  7. You have a wonderful way with flowers.

  8. Thanks for sharing the beautiful painting and your cat’s reaction. So lovely.Rlte

  9. These roses are vibrantly alive! Also love the kitty’s reaction;)

  10. Don’t get too close to those thorns, Malus! They could cause a big ouch on your soft pink nose.
    Tell Violet her roses are just beautiful!

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