Hi everyone!


Hi everyone!

I’m Malus, Violet ‘s cat! Nice to meet you all!
From today , I ‘ll help Violet as an assistance! and will tell you about her sketch stories! She  is lazy sometimes and just write the title without saying any description! So maybe I could help her !
“Malus , don’t make a promise ! You cannot type! You always sleep and most of all, your English is worse than me! “
Ah , she is claiming again about my English ! But I’m sure all of you dear friends can guess what We’re talking about!!!!!(=^ェ^=)
Here is her today’s sketch . One of her memories in Germany when she had visited her friend and find this beautiful swan in lake❤

23 responses to “Hi everyone!

  1. Hi Malus, lovely to meet you, your english is very good and I’m looking forward to reading more of your assistance with Violets paintings 🙂 best wishes, victoria xx

  2. Simply stunning Violet, what an amazing picture, the background is as luscious and beautiful as the swan itself. Malus is a real cutie too and makes an excellent host for your work 🙂

  3. Nice to meet your feline assistant. Lovely swan sketch!

  4. Oh sweetness…!!! Malus is so cute! ♥ And I love your sketch too- the swan is gorgeous.

  5. Lovely sketch, Violet, err, I mean Malus!!!

  6. Hi Malus!! I’m sure you’ll be of much help, plus, you’re soooo handsome!

  7. What a nice artist / writer cooperation!!! 😀 Lovely picture.

  8. Malus isn’t doing the paining for you too is he? If so, tell him he’s a very talented cat! Purrrr!

  9. Hello Malus:-)

  10. Hello Malus, how kind of you to be Violet’s assistant! Can you please pass on that I thought her swan was very beautiful.

  11. Wow! This is one of my favorites! So serene and beautiful…

  12. Nice to meet you, Malus! Tell Violet I adore her swan sketch. It’s beautiful!

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