Sweet pea(again!!!)


Sweet pea again ! wanted to sketch them while they are fresh😃

22 responses to “Sweet pea(again!!!)

  1. They are wonderful designs. One of my favorite flowers.

  2. So pretty. The pink flowers seem very delicate… Job well done! 🙂

  3. Ah, another lovely and very sweet, sweet pea!!

  4. I adore sweet peas…. they remind me of my sweet grandmother. thank you sweet violet(another fave flower 🙂

  5. The music sheet behind the flowers gives the painting a special touch. Well done.Rlte

  6. Lovely and delicate . Love the paper on paper, too.

  7. I love sweet peas and you’ve done a very nice job depicting them. I like that you used music for the background.

  8. Ooops just saw that it wasn’t music. LOL Still love the background!

  9. I am visiting my son in California and just saw a small yard with beautiful red sweet peas growing. I thought about you!

  10. Lovely, fresh and delicate – beautiful painting as always. Welcoming Spring!

  11. Beautiful! So soft and pretty!

  12. That’s really lovely! I like the added touch of the blooms lying on the printed paper.

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