My Little Garden Pansies❤


Here is today’s sketch😃My little garden pansies ❤

36 responses to “My Little Garden Pansies❤

  1. Spring pansies! Beautiful!

  2. so life-like, really cheerful and gorgeous painting Violet. xxx

  3. Great work! So colorful and beautiful ❤ Watercolour?

  4. Beautiful and refreshing. Good job. Rlte

  5. This is superb, Violet! I love it.

  6. So pretty! And the flowers are so colorful! Well done!

  7. Lovely! You managed to overcome my natural dislike of pansies.

  8. Oh Violet, I just loved opening my WordPress today to see this beautiful Spring basket of pansies!! Beautiful, vibrant and simply delicious flowers ~

  9. Beautiful, Violet! 🙂 xx

  10. Such a nice intro to spring! They are lovely.

  11. Beautiful! I love pansies.

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