My Cat !



Hello friends in WordPress ! 

I’m Violet’s cat ,Malus❤ it’s the first time she drew me but I don’t know why she sketched my sleeping face! Maybe it’s much more easier for her! 

Will see you again ❤ Zzzzzzzzzzz


46 responses to “My Cat !

  1. Hello Malus, you are Beautiful ! Well done, Violet, gorgeous painting 🙂 xxx

  2. wonderful! what could be better than a nice soft pillow, Malus?

  3. Awesome Violet, Malus is gorgeous (and hopefully doesn’t live up to his name 😉

  4. Great work ! Congrats. I think we have the perfect sondtrack for this story, namely our last story. Check it out !

  5. oohhh so beautifully done. Great piece of art!

  6. A beautiful cat. You rendered him beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Rlte.

  7. What a cute kitty!

  8. Hellooo Malus!! 😀 Aren’t you a pretty one! ❤

  9. Adorable kitty, and adorable sketch!

  10. He sleeps so nicely!!!
    Hi Malus! Welcome to WP!!!

  11. Well hello to you Malus, you look so sweet asleep.

  12. Hello Malus! You look lovely and cosy on your pillow. Violet captured you wonderfully 🙂

  13. Adorable! I love it!

  14. This is so precious! Love, love, love it!

  15. Very nice to meet you Malus.

  16. aww this is brilliant! she is soo cute! :3

  17. Adorable cat! Malus looks quite comfortable on that cozy pillow.

  18. Nice to meet you, Malus. There aren’t nearly enough cats on the internetz

    • Hi killkaties ! I ‘ve heard about you from violet and I know she loves your nun’s stories ❤
      I will be friend with the cat you had drawn for her before!!!(=^ェ^=)

  19. Malus looks very content to be a model for you! Rebecca

  20. Malus makes a perfect Kitty Model 🙂 such a dear little face .

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