Doron Green Tea!


Doron, an artist in WordPress( explain about his green tea in my “Today’s Tea”post .He normally likes his tea with ginger but it seems he prefer today’s tea with a slice of lemon swimming inside! 😃 I’m sending you a brunch of mint too just because they are so nice with lemons😃

14 responses to “Doron Green Tea!

  1. If that tea is in a pitcher it must be iced tea. I so look forward to weather that will call for iced ANYTHING!

    • Thank you so much dear Ronnie for your lovely comment!
      I sent him this tea when it was hot but unfortunately it took time for delivering and tea get cold!!! 😃
      You are right , waiting for season that is perfect for iced drinks❤

  2. I recently found him and love his work! I like black with almond milk and turbinado sugar..a little bit of sweet! 🙂

  3. If Doron doesn’t hurry up he will miss the Tea Party 🙂
    Lovely Violet x

  4. Violet, Just made a cuppa and when I saw yours I had to pour it down the sink… It could not match.. Beside how could I miss your’s special goddess tea… as Poppy said… a tea party and I would not miss for the world.. Fantastic Thank you x

    • Ah, thank you Doron for your lovely words! We should arrange big big world wide tea party! Ah, I should think about time zones!!! 😃 Also preparing manyyyyyy chocolates!!!! 😃

  5. Reblogged this on Doron Art and commented:
    Violet is one of my favourite artist, I love her art work which she is painting daily. Every day I wait to see what special paintings she is doing. Recently she was making and painting her tea, she asked how we would like ours…. so I thought I should give her a challenge… It did not take her long and she brewed me her special goddess recipe which will sit here on my desk. By the way you did not see her chocolate yet… so rush to her Blog as when they have gone they have gone!

  6. How refreshing violet!

  7. Wonderful Violet, this is what I meant by having tea together, we’ll call it “our virtual tea time!” What time shall we all meet (virtually of course) for this wonderful cup of steaming tea? Oh my wonder what time zones everyone is in . . .

    • Thank you so much Mary! Great idea for virtual tea time ❤ah, yes , time zones too , I’ll be busy for preparing hot water ! And many scons or chocolates!!!!😃❤❤❤❤

  8. I add ginger, also! Just finished my cup of hot green tea.
    Lovely, Violet!

    • Thank you so much Fergiemoto ❤ginger, what I love to add my drink in wintertime specially❤ feel warm after drinking some ginger’s tea❤😃❤

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