Firenze , Italy


This is a house wall that I found it interesting for sketching😃

12 responses to “Firenze , Italy

  1. You’re right, it is interesting. Nice work!

  2. High River Arts

    I have taken up a little pen and watercolour to play with. I can’t tell you how often I come to your work to see how you do these. You are definitely, in my view, a master at this and the ease of your paintings belies the skill and
    talent you hold! They are always beautiful!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words❤I really appreciate ❤ I’m really glad your visiting and glad you like my works❤ I really love drawing but most I love is to create a sprit in my drawing and make people who are looking at that a smile or warm feeling ,I don’t know how to explain but creating a beautiful moment even short for who look at my sketches 😃

      Lots of thanks again😃❤

  3. Love the abstract composiion. What a find. But yet, that is Fiorenze.Lucky girl you are to sketchh there.Rlte

  4. No 5 now a very memorable house wall !
    Lovely shadows you paint Violet 🙂

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