Today’s Tea!


I love to put a slice of orange  or lemon or mint in my tea sometimes❤  Today’s tea was with orange ❤  which one do you prefer with tea? 😃

33 responses to “Today’s Tea!

  1. Definitely lemon! Love drinking hot tea.

  2. lemon! 😀 When life gives you lemons, you can either demand life take it back, or get it to make you some hot lemon tea 🙂

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and following my blog ! I appreciate your comment❤.
      Yes , lemon is fantastic❤ Ah , I think I had to have another cup of tea with lemon too!!!! 😃

  3. Thanks for your visit to my blog. I like orange in my tea, too. Makes it different. I like the composition in your tea painting, too. Rltei

  4. i have two meyer lemon trees laden down with lemons this year (didn’t do a thing to them… ?) so LEMON! 🙂

  5. Violet love your ideas.. I am on the green teas as my homoeopath suggested. So normally it will be some ginger.. But mint and lemon often found themselves also in for a short swim. So here is a different sketch project for you, a swimming lemon in my clear glss green tea.

    • Ah, thank you so much Doron for such a lovely comment!
      Happy to have my new project!!!😃But please let me know what kind of green tea do you drink ? I mean I need to know the color of tea! Some of green teas are in brownish color some in green color😃 what is your tea color? 😃

      • It is amazing, I drive around and always looking everywhere and see all the colours and scenes. Drinking green tea few times a day and not sure about the colour!!! I thought the clue is in the name.. it does look sort of greenish..let me check.. Mind you if it comes in Violet’s style and colour I’ll always have it. I love your taste…so please decide….

  6. Hi Violet – nice sketch as always! we grow chocolate mint and use it with a black tea/cocoa blend. If we are having white tip tea, or Earl Grey we might use orange. Lemon with the herbal teas for us…..nice that you asked the question – enjoyed reading the other responses too. phil

    • Thank you sooooo much Phildynan for such a lovely comment❤
      I enjoyed to read yours too. Actually I have chocolate mint in my little garden too and waiting spring to see fresh leaves but I didn’t know that it can be use for cocoa too😃 I will definitely try it too❤

  7. Oh, it so beautiful now I want some tea 🙂 I like both orange and lemon..

  8. Love your composition!

  9. I prefer lemon. Have not tried orange. Maybe I shall have a go at orange. 😀

  10. Hot green tea with honey and cinnamon. I also add turmeric because of it’s anti-inflammatory and other health benefits.
    Beautiful sketch!

    • Wawww ! Turmeric !
      I love masala tea but only turmeric I haven’t tried ! Very eager to know ythe taste😃
      Thank you Fergiemoto for your lovely words❤

      • It’s a bit of an odd combination, but I’ve gotten used to the taste, and turmeric has so many health benefits that I regularly use it in my dishes also.

  11. This is lovely. I tend to go through phases and at this moment it is madarin orange with a hint of cinammon spice ( just a hint)

    • Thank you so much for stopping by wind hound ❤ I appreciate your lovely comment😃
      Ah , love cinammon in tea but I haven’t tried with orange😃 thank you for your lovely hint😃❤

  12. I like lemon in my tea and the best bit is eating the warm lemon slice at the end! A lovely sunny sketch.

  13. Lemon for me, I love black and green teas. Wonderful painting, with simplicity and yet gentle – great colors! So Violet, when do we get to enjoy a wonderful cup of hot tea together?

    • Thank you so much Mary for your kind words❤❤❤
      Ah, I wish to have a cup of tea with all you dear friends ! I’m sure we all enjoyed to talk for long long hours😃❤❤❤

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