Abyaneh, Iran


Abyaneh is the most famous historic villages near the city of Kashan . This beautiful ,colourful village is one of the oldest in Iran, attracting numerous native and foreign tourists year-round, especially during traditional feasts and ceremonies. I found this village beautiful old photos and for today I sketched a total view of this beautiful place and tomorrow I will take you to this village for a short trip! Wish you enjoy from this little journey ! 😃❤

7 responses to “Abyaneh, Iran

  1. Lovely lush greenery.

    Btw. if you add more than 12 tags to a post, it is excluded from the topic reader: see http://wordpress.com/#!/read/topic/watercolour/, http://wordpress.com/#!/read/topic/natanz/

  2. Great job sweetly .xoxo

  3. I’ll be sure to have my bags packed! Can’t wait!

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