Honfleur, France



20 responses to “Honfleur, France

  1. Wow, fantastic detail Violet, a really lovely scene 🙂 victoria xx

  2. Ah, lovely [and with a lot of detail too!!!!]

  3. Tres Jolie Violet 🙂

  4. Violet I tried to press the like button few times it registered only once!

  5. Lovely detail and colors! Very nice, Violet!

  6. Wow! I haven’t visited for a week so I notice the progress in your style. The use of slightly more bright and vivid colors and more detail really makes it stand out! Great work Violet : )

    • Thank you so much Tahir! I appreciate your kind comment ❤
      Honestly I’m preventing of drawing details most of the times !!!! But about this one , I couldn’t leave all details !!😃

  7. I agree with everyone here. I love the details in this one!

  8. Beautiful! I really love the details and colors!

  9. So lovely Violet, the detail is amazing!

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