Chocolate Cosmos


Chocolate cosmos is usually October flower but I bought some today for my room 😃

23 responses to “Chocolate Cosmos

  1. Beautiful Violet! I love your Chocolate Cosmos –

  2. Two of my favorite things: chocolate and the flower cosmos, all in one beautiful drawing!

  3. That’s beautiful. You are also very talented!!! …thank you for stopping by my site.

  4. That’s just lovely, Violet! 🙂 xx

  5. They smell like chocolate as well, if memory serves me correctly. Sadly Chocolate cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus) is inedible though. Lovely work 🙂

    • Thank you so much Ian for your kind comment!
      It is the first time I bought this flowers and I smelled it and felt vanilla smell just little actually !!! I think they grow in flower’s house(green house) and not wild that Is why it is not real smell of them 😃 I checked in wiki too and it was written about their smell as you mentioned too ❤
      Thank you so much for such a lovely information❤😃❤

      • Thank you. Plants grown under glass for florists do indeed often lack the scent that they have in the wild. Here in the south of the UK it grows well outside and smells more chocolatey 🙂

  6. A compelling depiction of a compelling flower. Lovely.

  7. Love the way you did the background. The flower floats above the page.

  8. One of my new favorites of yours…Sherry

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