Old Road


Sketched of photo that I took at summer . An old road in Kamakura city in Japan 😃

14 responses to “Old Road

  1. Reminds my of my street. I love it! 🙂

    • Thank you Deb❤
      I’m so glad you like it❤ At summer it is really hot there but when you walk in this road , under trees shades is really nice and cool and greens smell is most lovely thing there😃

  2. I like your sketches much! So does my friend Oliver Colors.

  3. Thank you so much Vincent ❤ I always appreciate your visiting here and liking❤ I’m so glad you like my sketches and so I do about your writings and specially your beautiful choice of paintings in your posts😃❤

  4. Love this, so simple, but has all kinds of details.

  5. I feel the cool breeze as I walk down the path between the trees yet at the same time I feel the warmth of the brush strokes.

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