Paris, Seine


12 responses to “Paris, Seine

  1. just love all those little french windows and grey rooftops looks very much like Spring Time in Paris Violet 😉
    I remember sitting down by the Seine with a picnic after a visit to see the art at Musee De L’Orangerie years ago …

    • Such a lovely comment! You always make me happy ❤lots of thanks❤
      How lovely to have a picnic beside Seine❤ I’m glad you like this sketch and remind you such a good memory❤

  2. Like Poppy, this sketch brings a flood of good memories to me. I also love the intricacy of the sketch and appreciate the time that it took to complete. I lived in Paris, not by choice, and it could have been a very dark period in my life. But it wasn’t – it was a beautiful time and a beautiful place and I loved the people. Thanks for the memories Violet!

    • Thank you too for sharing such a lovely memory and comment! I’m so glad you like it❤
      Living in other countries is not so easy ( as I’m experiencing too! ) but it makes a treasure box of experience ! 😃
      Lots of thanks for your lovely comments , Phil😃❤

  3. Coś mi się wydaje ,że lubimy mosty;-)miłego wieczoru;-)

  4. Hoorah! Somewhere I’ve been at last (I’m not as cosmopolitan as you) and I must say you’ve captured the spirit of that part of the city perfectly.your paintings really reach something very corporeal within me, almost as if I’m actually there.

    • Lots of thanks Killkaties ❤ I’m really glad My sketched matched to where you’ve been before and so glad that you like it! \(^o^)/
      I appreciate for such a kind comment 😃❤

  5. Lovely tiny little windows Violet, this must have taken you ages………..

  6. So beautiful and serene: I love it.
    Excellent job as usual, Violet!

  7. Thank you sooooooo much Stefano! I’m really glad that you like it😃❤

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