Spain Alleyway


9 responses to “Spain Alleyway

  1. Thank you so much Deb❤xxxx

  2. This one looks worth investigating V !

  3. I liked it so much that I did a slightly different colour version (photoshop/autocolor) at — is this true to your sketch? Nice work in any case!

    • Thank you so much Phil ! You changed it great in real colour of my painting❤I think one of the reason that my sketches looks dark is that I’m posting( take photo of them) at night time so maybe not so good light for that !
      Lots of thanks for make it better❤😃

  4. One of my very favorites of yours – love the old world style you inject with your choice of colors and style. Wonderful painting!!

  5. Very very good work, Violet!

  6. How do you manage to capture the essence/atmosphere of a place in a painting? Like whenever I see the title of your blog posts, before I even see your painting, the picture that pops in my head looks a lot like what you painted.

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