Park ( summer )


Two days without sketching, posting and even checking my readers blogs! In fact , my sister from my home country had visited me and stayed here for 3 month!

She left yesterday  and I was really sad ,even couldn’t sketch from a day before her leaving ! Today I decided to sketch of photo that I took at summer . Green for refreshing my feeling! So here is what I have for today : Park in summer ❤

15 responses to “Park ( summer )

  1. Lovely scene and view, makes one want to walk the pathway and get lost in thought.

  2. Beautiful painting Violet, glad you are back painting, best wishes,Victoria xx

  3. Nice one Violet. Love the greens and the tree leaning inward. Beautiful!

  4. Lovely, Violet! I’m glad you’re back to sketching!

  5. It is hard to part with our family and friends.

  6. As beautiful as ever. This one takes me back to childhood landscapes full of endless sunshine.

  7. I hope you feel happier soon, love your green trees 🙂

  8. Thanks for the sketch that gives a refreshing feeling, I need it these days ^^

  9. Beautiful!…love the colors 🙂

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