Sketched of photo that I took before in Autumn at park. Now no more leaves on trees but still beautiful view there❤

8 responses to “Park

  1. love your use of the orange/yellow in the trees…very beautiful!♥

  2. very nice! also when i clicked on this post in my reader area it went to a not found. then i clicked the ‘home’ button in you menu to get here. like the above person i liked the yellow to. 🙂

  3. i love that autumn glow you captured here.

  4. What a contrast feeling that I got when I looked through my windows now. Soon it will be autumn again ^^.

  5. Very cheerful.
    You may want to check how the posts look in the new reader format:
    here. For images to be featured they now need a minimum resolution, though it only works for landscape format.

  6. An unexpected delight!

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