Japan , Yokohama


I found this place when I was walking in this area. Not so special place but I thought it would be a good practice for drawing shadows😃

15 responses to “Japan , Yokohama

  1. I like this one! 🙂

  2. You never know what you find around the corner, even when you think it’s nothing special at the time…nice job !
    This is one of my favorites because of the shadows and mood you where able to convey.

    • Thank you so much Bradley for such a kind comment! I fact I love to look for such places ! You are right , they are not special but they will change when we draw them . I’m so glad you like it. Lots of thanks❤😃

  3. What a truly lovely street scene, this is a really nice painting! Might not have been a special place, but it’s a real beauty as a painting.

  4. gives the feeling of being an ancient postcard, very nice!

  5. Fantastic. This has a real sense of “place”. It feels as though we’re about to be thrown into a great story.

  6. Yes, the shadows give the sketch a three dimensional quality.

  7. I like this…it’s very “moody” and soft. I think you did a good job of an interesting street. xo

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