Cyclamen flower


In this season what I can find mostly in flower shops is Cyclamen . I bought this pink one and sketched it for today!

coloured pencil sketch😃

22 responses to “Cyclamen flower

  1. Oh, it’s so beautiful, Violet!!!!!

  2. Oh my this is gorgeous!!! I have a very large Cyclamen that acts like a perennial in my garden – and it provides lovely white flowers several times a year. Beautiful work on the soft petals and leaves – fades out nice in the background. Nice surprise this morning!!!

  3. Good heavens! It’s like my eyes have been bathed in honey and silk, so alive, vibrant – literally leaps off the page! Every time I look at it, I alternate between wanting to smell the flowers then admire the leaves below. Lovely, incredible talent.

  4. Very pretty.

  5. So delicate, feminine. lovely.

  6. Well done. I have been thinking about buying one myself.

  7. Lots of great texture. Lovely.

  8. I always manage to kill Cyclamens so I will enjoy looking at yours instead!

  9. Theses are favorites of mine, and your sketch of them definitely makes them even more lovely than reality.

  10. You really captured the essence here! Nice!

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