Quick sketch of flowers on my table today! 😃


13 responses to “Flowers

  1. blossoming color for the beginning of 2013!!!

  2. You are very good with the brush

  3. I like the whole idea of spring right about now, and your beautiful basket of flowers has brought wonderful light to this cold winter day. Lovely flowers, perfect sense of fullness ~ Mary (Happy New Year!)

    • Ah ,thank you soooooo much Mary for such a lovely comment❤
      I love to have flowers in all season on my table or hall 😃 love to enjoy seasons through flowers and make another atmosphere❤
      I’m so glad you feel spring through my flowers ❤❤❤
      Happy New Year to you too and my best wishes for you❤❤❤❤

  4. your beautiful sketch makes me think I should go get some to pop in a vase !
    The local WI is a good bet on a friday morning not sure if I will make it tho … more from lack of zip than anything else…. depends on the weather 😉

  5. Northern Narratives

    Love the colors and energy 🙂

  6. So beautiful and I love the colors! I have to agree with the above poster, it really does bring a sense of spring and a feeling of warmth!! It is so cold here in WA, well for me anyways lol, and this makes me think of warmer days to come!! ❤ ❤

    • Thank you sooo much Linz for your lovely words❤ it’s cold here too and I just wanted to have little spring feeling on my table! 😃
      I’m so glad you feel spring through my flowers and so glad to share it with everyone❤

  7. Such a pretty painting Violet, I can tell that you are yearning for spring to arrive.

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