Another memory from Paris ! Sketched of photo that I took in spring trip😃


26 responses to “Paris

  1. Just love the unexpected flowers in the foreground!

    • Thank you sooo much Elena !
      When I drew this it, honestly I thought it was better to don’t draw the flowers but it was late !!! 😁
      So just a new style!!!! 😁😃
      I’m glad you like them❤❤❤

  2. …agree with Elena!
    They look like anemones! Beautiful!

  3. Love the building in this one, but what I really like in this piece is the bridge; it seems to tie the flowers and the building together…nice touch adding the flowers, I think it completes the piece. Great job with the perspective you took on taking this photo.

    • Ah, thank you sooooo much for your kind comment! I really appreciate and glad you like it! Also glad to here about flowers effect on this painting😃
      Lots of thanks😃❤

  4. I agree with the others. The flowers add a magical touch!

  5. Northern Narratives

    I also love the flowers. It makes it unique and memorable.

  6. little piece of poetry! very nice!

  7. Wow! I love the flowers in the foreground and then how the amazing architecture recedes in the distance. Beautiful!

  8. It makes me want to jump on the plane and go to Paris now, so lovely.

  9. What a wonderful splash of color on a wintry day!

  10. Beautiful as always. Like the colors and flower blooming.

  11. Lovely like all of your pictures – it keeps making me want to dance between the foreground and the background, as both keep vying for attention, making it a very vibrant, fun piece – wonderful work.

  12. I don’t even need to say it because you already know what I think of your work but I am going to say it anyways…… AWESOME!!! I am in love with the flowers, so beautiful!!

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