Sketch of photo that I took in summer😃

17 responses to “Window

  1. Thank you so much Ananartista😃

  2. Gorgeous! it looks like Bougainvillea, is it? We have them here in Greece and I adore them!

    • Thank you so much Marina!
      Yes ,they are Bougainvillea 😃 as you said they are popular in Greece and also Middle East 😃
      I went to a trip in summer to a port city and found this view also surprised how they were growing so well! When I came back , I bought a small plant of bougainvillea for my balcony and hope it grow and bloom beautifully too❤😃❤

  3. Beautiful flowers – you capture flower petals nicely.

  4. Love it…my perfect window that !!!!

  5. Ooooo! How did I miss this one!
    What a gorgeous window! Wish I had one like this 🙂

  6. Very pretty Violet, I love the little shutters on the window. 🙂

  7. Oooooo…this is just beautiful! I love the dark pink flowers and the window peaking through them.

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