Autumn View


Maidenhair trees in autumn 🍂 I love maidenhair trees specially in spring and autumn 🍂Also love  this view and love to walk in this road every autumn and spring🍂🍁


16 responses to “Autumn View

  1. huh! 😀
    I’m working on a painting which is almost exactly the same scene 😀 only because I’m doing with acrylics on canvas so it looks different.

    Do you know telepathy?
    Great job again 🙂

  2. your painting taught me one thing i usually lack when i draw sceneries like that: the falling leaves! the leaves complete the autumn mood. thanks! 😀

  3. ahhh, the leaves have turned golden!

  4. I love it! This, again, looks like the walk in the park I took with my hubby recently.

  5. I love the lonely figure. It creates such a serene feeling. Great work as always!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for all the likes, love your artwork!

  7. I love this road/view too now that I have seen your picture of it – fantastic sense of dimension, I feel like I am there. Terrific.

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