Along the street


Sketched of a photo that taken by my friend 😃

12 responses to “Along the street

  1. Your work always amazes me – this is a place I would like to visit.

  2. Beautiful happy image! 🙂

  3. Awww, where do you find such sweet lovely cityscapes?
    Or is it your magical touch that turns them into fairytale-like places? 🙂

    Very lovely work, yet again! Keep it up!

    • Ah,thank you so much Tahir for your kind words! Your comments always make me happy ! This sketch is from one of photo that my friend took long time ago and actually it’s really old photo and even I’ve forgotten the place!!!! But when I found it in my album , just know it would be perfect for sketching ! 😁 I wish I had a magical touch or a magical brush !!!! and could sketch more and more everyday😉 thank you again😃

  4. I love this painting! The shape of the tree and the color/light are beautiful.

  5. Beautiful and cheery!

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