At The Restaurant


Today was a nice,shiny autumn weather and I had lunch in the restaurant😃

sat outside and enjoyed fresh air❤ sketched a table and chair 😃


27 responses to “At The Restaurant

  1. This one is really nice. Liked it very much. The chair and shadow in particular!

  2. Ha! I love this, especially the shadow of the chair.

  3. As the others have said, and I agree, that chair and shadow are wonderful and contrast beautifully with the blank tabletop!

  4. Darn! I was thing to point out that the chair and shadow are awesome, turns out EVERYONE else has had the same thought.

    Humm… great minds think alike? : )

  5. The lime background and the creases of the tablecloth are beautiful. Lovely scene…

  6. I love this! It’s my favorite of yours. I love the subtle green colour and it feels like the scene is just waiting for someone to come sit on the chair. It also evokes a lovely feeling of solitude. Really great!

    • Thank you sooooo much Dieu❤❤❤your lovely comment give my painting a new feeling ❤❤❤ I really appreciate your beautiful words and you always make me happy❤

  7. That chair is just calling out to me to have a seat! Lovely!

  8. The shading on the table cloth is amazing! Job well done! 🙂

  9. Such expression in this sketch. Very beautiful!

  10. Send your nice weather over here please… I can only see stormy rain and wind from my window. But at least we warmed up with your paintings

  11. Love ♥ this one, Violet!…excellent work!

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