Autumn View


Walking in the park near my home! leaves changed to orange or yellow or red!

Nature canvas is full of beautiful colours in this season😊

(coloured pencil)

20 responses to “Autumn View

  1. Very petty view and painting. 🙂

  2. Beautiful composition and you’ve captured the change of color so well…

  3. This is wonderful 🙂

  4. Waaaow! You’re getting better and better at perpoective and creating depth. Love the colors too. Thank You for another beautiful and inspiring work.

  5. This is just gorgeous, I wish I could step into this beautiful piece of art!! 🙂

  6. Your sketches are like getting a lovely card each day!

  7. Such a lovely delicate painting, I feel like I want to know what is at the end of the path.

  8. Excellent sketch as usual, esp. those burning-red leaves.

  9. Lovely! I like the wispy look of the trees in your drawing!

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