Portugal , Estoril


14 responses to “Portugal , Estoril

  1. Very evocative, Violet, and so much detail, really captures the atmosphere, love it 🙂

  2. You’re really fast Violet! How many do you paint in a day? 😀

    This one looks like… sweet and romantic.
    Nice perspective! Do you actually paint en plein air or use photo refernces?

    • Thank you so much Tahir for your kind comment!
      I draw one prices everyday 😃
      Recently I’m sketching the photos that I took before when I traveled around and sometimes sketching around where I live😃
      I really appreciate your words 😃

  3. -Portugalia———-cudowna,a ty jeszcze wzbudzasz wspomnienia…

  4. Beautiful, Violet! I love those flowers on the balconies…

  5. Another wonderful watercolor – bravo!!!

  6. That’s a very nice looking street scene.

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