Mexican Sage


Mexican sage is very popular in this season and can find it in many gardens blooming in beautiful purple flowers😃

10 responses to “Mexican Sage

  1. One of my favorite plants with lavender [they both have this beautiful purple flower]
    Very nice Violet!

  2. I resonate with so much of your work! I’d like to place you, in my mind, geographically. I’m in Washington DC. And you? What part of the country? Continent? World?

    • Ah, thank you so much for your lovely comment❤❤❤I sent you a message by mail to your email address😃 if you receive my mail , plz let me know 😃
      Thank you ❤

  3. Beautiful purple flowers! It looks a lot like lavender.

  4. Beautiful. I really like your distinctive style.

  5. That’s beautiful, Violet! 🙂

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