Cosmos Field


Today I visited Cosmos garden. The field was covered by cosmos flowers carpet in pink , white , purple .

Sunny and beautiful day it was😃❤

20 responses to “Cosmos Field

  1. What a site to behold!…Lovely painting, Violet! 🙂 xx

  2. I am really curious, how much time do you spend to draw such a lovely painting?

  3. Great work, love how contrasted the different shades of green

  4. …an amazing carpet of cosmos!!!!

    • Thank you sooo much Marina! It was really beautiful 😃
      I took many photo of cosmos flowers and later I will try to draw cosmos only by water colour( I draw it by coloured pencil before and first time challenge by water colour)😃

  5. Beautiful art! Nice to follow your blog 🙂

  6. Lovely painting. I’ve never seen a cosmos garden I’ve seen a huge iris garden,I’ve seen meadows of poppies, but never a cosmos garden. Where is that?

  7. Your art is amazing Violet, you always bring sunshine to my days 🙂

    • Thank you soooo much Kelly for such a lovely ,lovely comment❤❤❤I really appreciate and glad you feel so ❤
      Honestly , when I read comments, they give me new idea and eager to sketch more and more❤
      Thank you again❤😃❤

  8. Oh, this is just beautiful! I like those lovely cosmos!

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