Teddy in coffee shop!


Had a cup of coffee in coffee shop and found this Teddy there sitting on the coffee packages basket. His name is Latte and for sale ! But I found him looking at me and felt he is asking to sketching him! So here is today’s sketch: Teddy Bear,Latte!

13 responses to “Teddy in coffee shop!

  1. I’m sure that this teddy’s expression is all YOUR doing!!!! He’s just begging for a hug!

  2. I can see this on the cover of a book..The adventures of Teddy Bear Latte.

  3. What an adorable little Teddy!

  4. I sometimes go into shops and find little stuffed animals begging to be bought 🙂 (or at least that’s what I tell myself after I buy them)

  5. Awesome that you can communicate with a teddy bear. Me, too. ^_^

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