French lavender


Those are the last french lavender flowers in my little garden!

Will waite them until next spring(^_^)

3 responses to “French lavender

  1. Hope you kept some for your wardrobe! Lavender is my favorite flower in every way [scent, colour, look, leaves…]. I have lavender both home and at work! 🙂 Lovely drawing Violet!

    • Thank you so much Marina for your lovely comment(^_^) I always appreicate and glad to have your comments(^o^)丿
      I love lavenders too specially English lavender and have them too but flowers had already finished.
      Ofcourse I kept some in wardrobe, specially using dried for winter clothes and also use sometimes as herb tea before going to bed(^_^)/ Also love to make lavender ,lemon cake too.
      Making lavender suger for tea and dessert is another way that I use them❤ 

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