Hi everyone!

I’m back from holiday (^_^)/ I spent wonderful time beside my family and  for me it was too short holiday!

wish you all had an wonderful time too during those days…..

For today , I draw this sketch for my husband ! Today is our wedding anniversary and this is one our photo that has taken at our wedding(^_^)

22 responses to “Anniversary

  1. I was nominated for a Sunshine Award a couple of days ago. Now that I’ve been nominated, I also get to nominate 10 more of my favorite blogs. I love reading your posts, so I nominated you! You can check it all out at Congratulations!

  2. It’s wonderful to have you back 🙂 Happy Anniversary.

  3. Welcome back Violet and …Happy Anniversary dear!
    My warmest wishes!

  4. Happy Anniversary sweet heart , another year for this deep Love… Elmira

  5. Best wishes to you both!! May your love grow in strength with every day!

  6. Happy Anniversary

  7. Welcome back, and Happy Anniversary! Hope it was lovely!

  8. wishing you happiness forever !!! I like your work a lot. keep up the good work !! God bless.

  9. Congrats to the lucky guy and gal!

  10. Many best wishes…

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