Cuenca ,Spain


Hi Everyone!

I will take two weeks holiday and just a short trip! Where I will go is little difficult to post my sketches because of Internet connection sometimes!

But I will sketch (I hope everyday!) and will post them later(^_^)/

See you soon,


14 responses to “Cuenca ,Spain

  1. enjoy your holiday !

  2. Have a wonderful, pleasant, creative and relaxing holiday, Violet. …and come back with lots of beautiful sketches like this one of Spain!

    • Thank you sooo much Marina for such a lovely comment!
      All the best for you too and I’m looking forward to see your lovely new posts too\(^o^)/

  3. I’ll look forward to your sketches.
    Have a great holiday

  4. Wishing you an enjoyable holiday trip!

  5. Can’t wait to see what you sketched on vacation!

  6. Wow … Sometimes is so hard to describe the beauty. So I’ve no words.

  7. You have created a gentle energy in your images, great work.

  8. Violet I love this one, actually trying to decrease the amount of detail and paint I use and just show some areas exactly what you did here. beautiful!

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