Monthly Archives: August 2012

An old bazar in Iran


sketched of a photo of an old bazar in Iran that I took before. This country architecture is amazing . I love the old building’s designs and the blue colours in mosques ….

I traveled before to this country and found many old photos that i took there and will sketch them later(^_^)/

French lavender


Those are the last french lavender flowers in my little garden!

Will waite them until next spring(^_^)

My Little Garden’s Rose✿


This summer is really hot as I told before and I was worrying for my roses in my little garden but almost everyday I can find a new blossom and bloomed one! They are so tough more than I was thinking and I’m so happy to see new colours everymorning❤

Here is one of my roses blossom that show me her face this morning(^_^) Wanted to share with all of you through my sketch(^_^)/

Gerbera Daisy❤


Gerbera flowers by coloured pencil(^_^)r



Quick sketch of photo of Praha that I took before(^_^)

Japan,kamakura city


Today was a very busy day! Had to sketch after finishing today’s works!!!

Sketch of an old picture from Japan.Kamakura city.

Paris,Opera House


Evening view of opera house,Paris(^_^)

Quick sketch


Quick sketch of the marina near where I live(^_^)

Tulip Gentian(Texas bluebell)


This summer is really hot,hot,hot!

For refreshing ,I bought some Tulip Gentian flowers and just sketch them by coloured pencil.



Lovely city ,Paris(^_-)-☆