Book Shop.Paris


Today was a very busy day for me! sketched late and post late!! Here what I sketched for today:

A book shop in Paris. (^_^)


13 responses to “Book Shop.Paris

  1. Ah, adorable little bookstore!!!! I bet you went in!

    • Thank you Marina for your comment .I always appreciate(^_^)
      Yes ,It was adorable! (^_^) and you are right ! I went in and it was old,cozy book shop with many old books ,just like a treasure box❤

  2. Nice bookstore , its the most wonderful book store i had never seen before!(:

  3. Beautiful. I could get lost in a bookstore like that for hours!

  4. Cute little store! I recall seeing it (or a similar bookstore) in a few movies of Paris.

  5. Thank you so much ,Fergiemoto! I think even book stores in Paris looks like art!

  6. Amazing work! You are very talented!

  7. Your sketches are amazing, you have quite a knack for conveying the essence of the places you draw. This one in particular makes me wish I could visit that bookstore!

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