Walking In The Park


Today had a walking in a park near my home . leaf turn to the dark green , Daisies(the flower that I love most!), Bouvardias, Impatienses,Salvias , Splendens,Vinca  roseas ….. were blooming around !

It’s Summer !\(^o^)/

12 responses to “Walking In The Park

  1. This is lovely Violet! [I think I can see …violets in there too!]

  2. I look forward to your daily sketches! Such a breath of fresh air, and so beautiful! These flowers are just lovely – lovely, lovely!

  3. Your art inspires my heart! I’m really looking forward to doing more art. Thank youuu!!!


  4. What a wonderful park! this park is really nice place for meditation and

  5. Love this sketch especially the sky that has just enough blue!

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