Portugal ,Lisbon


I haven’t visited Portugal and sketched it from the photo、 taken by my friend (^_^)v

18 responses to “Portugal ,Lisbon

  1. Such lovely pinks!!!!

  2. How gorgeous this skech. I like this frame, colour and shade.

  3. Love the colors!! I love how you applied the blue background and the pinks…also application and composition are terrific…a charming scene, indeed.

    Blessings for your paintings,

  4. you sketch and paint beautifully. 🙂

  5. Gorgeous painting with the lovely pink flowers! Do you sketch every day?

  6. Love the pink drapery of flowers. How comforting… all your works really, like your soul, so comforting to us many. Thank you for hearting along with us. 😀


  7. Thank you so much Pink! I always appreciate your comments. I’m glad you like it (^_^)

  8. What a welcoming house, it makes me smile to look at it!

  9. I do so love your art! Expressive and beautiful!

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